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[Date : 2014-07-25 23:01:08 ]   
Paper - Corporate Responsibility in Northeast Asia - South Korea

Emerging Economies Working Group (EEWG) of Corporation 20/20 launches its paper series by starting from South Korea among Northeast Asia to assess the overall landscape of corporate responsibility (CR) in countries with emerging economies.

If you would like to join EEWG, please contact Angela Joo-Hyun Kang, Founder & CEO of GCEF (Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum) and Founder and Chair of EEWG of Corporation 20/20 and Co-Chair of EEWG Korea Group.

Dear EEWG Friends:

Angela Joo-Hyun Kang and Joo-Sueb (Joseph) Lee, we are pleased to share the first co-authored paper of the EEWG paper series of Corporation 20/20 about Corporate Responsibility in Northeast Asia - South Korea? You can see the outline of contents as below and find the full version in the attached file. It will be great to hear your comments, opinions and questions.

As you know, Corporation 20/20 seeks to build on, but reach beyond conventional corporate responsibility concepts. We sincerely hope that this paper will generate a broader discussion of how corporate responsibility relates to Corporation 20/20 concepts in the context of Northeast Asia and will provide a starting point to explore the prospects of future corporate redesign in the region. We believe this kind of exploration is particularly timely in view of the global financial crisis, which presents an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the fundamentals of corporate purpose and corporate form in Northeast Asia and emerging economies in general.

The EEWG paper series of Corporation 20/20 will see how the core values of the six principles of Corporation 20/20 can be viewed and implemented in emerging economies in the future. EEWG will welcome your participation and contribution to add new countries in other parts of Asia and other continents for following paper series. EEWG looks forward to taking comparative studies about historical and cultural perspectives engraved in corporate responsibility values and practices together with all of you.

Angela and Joo-Sueb

[Attachment: Corporation2020_EEWG_Paper1_South Korea_031409.pdf]


I. Introduction

II. Four Research Questions

III. Historical Background of South Korea

IV. Analysis

1. Historical and Cultural Perspectives and Implication for Business and CR

2. Various Views of Stakeholders towards Corporations and CR

-Business partners/suppliers
-Korean public
-Civil society
-Educational institutions
-Business related associations

3. CR Practices by Issues

-Human Rights
-Corporate Governance

4. Reward and Incentive Structure

V. Outlook

Corporation2020_EEWG_Paper1_South Korea_031409.pdf (180 K)
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