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[Date : 2020-02-02 15:34:33 ]   
Knowledge Partner - Women Sessions of 2019 Asian Leadership Conference

As a knowledge partner, Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum (GCEF) made the two women sessions (Future of Women’s Leadership and W20) of 2019 Asian Leadership Conference, hosted by the Chosunilbo, the top newspaper of Republic of Korea. Many Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Ministers of the States were past speakers, with attendance of more than 3,500 participants every year.

Especially, Chair, Co-Chair, and the representative of Women 20 (W20) host organiztions from Turkey, China, and Japan were invited and explained success and achievements of W20, an official global policy engagement of G20 for women's economic empowerment, which Ms. Angela Joo-Hyun Kang, Founder and Executive President of GCEF has been active as a South Korean W20 delegate during 2017 German, 2018 Argentine, and 2019 Japanese G20 presidency years.

* Event: The 10th Asian Leadership Conference 2019

* Conference Theme: “The World at a Crossroads: Searching for Concrete Solution”

* Business & Leadership 2020 Track - The Future of Women’s Leadership session and the W20 session

* Host: The Chosunilbo

* Knowledge Partner: Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum (GCEF)

* Time: Tue. May 14, 2019 (The 1st day of the Conference)

* Venue: Meeting Room 4 Emerald Hall, Shilla Hotel, Seoul, South Korea

* Further information: (session speaker and agenda) (session photos) (ALC highlight video)

[The Future of Women’s Leadership Session]

Synopsis: The equal participation of women and men for the future of economy and society is critical. However, as the Global Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum Report shows, gender disparity in education, economic, and political systems exists much still. Despite of different economic, political, and cultural contexts, what would be the essential factors for future of women’s leadership? Four outstanding women leaders shared their wisdom based on their own professional and personal experiences.

1. Who have inspired you the most? Why?

2. What was the biggest challenge during your career? How did you overcome it?

3. In order to achieve gender parity in leadership and all levels of decision making in the public and private sectors, what kind of public and private policies should be improved? What do you think of quotas for women or voluntary versus mandatory disclosure of diversity policy? 

4. In order to become a good negotiator or an effective communicator with reasonable brags, both at work or at home, what kind of mindsets or practices that women should have, compared with men?

5. What would be the most important lesson that you could give as a role model to all women and girls? 

[W20 Session: Women's Economic Empowerment of G20 Countries]

Synopsis: Women 20 (W20) is a transnational network that brings together women leaders of business, entrepreneurship ventures, think tanks, and civil society, as one of the official policy engagement groups of Group 20 (G20), representing more than 80% of the global GDP.

Incepted in Australia, throughout G20 Turkish, Chinese, German, Argentine, and Japanese presidencies, it has influenced the agenda of the decision-making bodies of G20 and impacted public and private policies to increase women’s economic empowerment of G20 countries.

Annually, W20 prepares and submits the W20 communiqué each year to the state leader of a G20 presidency country, as the list of policy recommendations through online and offline dialogues among delegates of G20 countries as well as experts from content partners and international organizations in various topics, such as labor inclusion, digital equality, financial equity, rural development, and governance etc.

1. What were the key highlights and achievements of each year? What are differentiating characteristics of W20, compared with other global gender policy platforms?

2. What are significant global challenges for gender equality in G20 countries? How could G20 and W20 address those challenges?

3. What is the biggest challenge for gender equality in each country? How does each country endeavor to improve it? How have G20 and W20 helped or would they be helpful for it?

























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