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[Date : 2016-04-10 01:34:47 ]   
Forum Event - Fair Play Pledge Ceremony

Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum supports and implements “Fair Player Club”, the public-private sector platform to promote collective action for anti-corruption in cooperation with GCNK (Global Compact Network Korea), the South Korean Integrity Partner of Siemens Integrity Initiative by Siemens AG, from March 2015, as its project partner organization.

Fair Play Pledge Ceremony was held with the participation of approximately 100 leaders from around 60 companies, industry associations, and the government at Lotte Hotel on 18 February 2016.

The ceremony was hosted by the Global Compact Network Korea and organized by Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum in support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy(MOTIE), Financial Services Commission, and Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission. Major outcomes were explained during the ceremony which have been achieved in the first cycle of Fair Player Club(FPC), a public-private sector platform to promote collective action for anti-corruption activities, and leaders from companies and industries pledged to run business complying with the law and codes of conduct.

FPC is one of the 24 global anti-corruption projects which aims to spurring collective action for the government and industries to create fair and transparent market conditions with the support from the World Bank and Siemens Integrity Initiative. The project is planned to step up its effort to spread a transparent and ethical corporate culture by taking incremental steps in three years, such as, seminar, research, and raising awareness activities to focus on anti-corruption taking the differences in industry (cycle 1), region (cycle 2), and country (cycle 3) into consideration. In the first cycle, the project has offered companies education and activities to change their views on anti-corruption through cooperation with the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association, the Korea Railway Association, the International Contractors Association of Korea, the Korea Association of Machinery Industry, the Korea Electronics Association, and the Korea Medical Devices Industry Association.

During the ceremony, First Vice Minister Lee Kwan-sup at Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy(MOTIE), First Deputy Director Oh Kyun at Office for Government Policy Coordination(OPC), Director General Koh Seung Beom of Financial Services Commission(FSC), Director General Choi Hak-gyun at Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC), CEO and President Kim Jong-gap of Siemens Korea delivered messages of tackling corruption in corporate governance through public-private partnership in their congratulatory remarks. Also François VINCKE, Vice-Chairman of the ICC Commission on Corporate Responsibility & Anti-corruption delivered a special lecture on risks of corruptions and opportunities of anti-corruption.

First Vice Minister Lee Kwan-sup of MOTIE placed greater emphasis on CSR activities rooted on ethical management for companies to become the most respectful business because corporate competitiveness comes from corporate values beyond its quality of products and services.

First Deputy Director Oh Kyun of OPC said the government will put its effort to improve ill-advised rules and regulations and step up its support to companies with CSR initiatives for the transparent corporate governance.

Director General Koh Seung Beom of FSC promised that a culture of transparency and personal responsibility will take root in FSC through financial reforms to provide more trusted financial services to the public.

Director General Choi Hak-gyun of ACRC stated that ACRC will take a lead in creating a ‘clean ecosystem’ for constant communication among members of society. Mr. Choi further added that a path to a transparent society and an anti-corruption drive can only be accomplished by public-private partnership and business should be at the forefront of it.

CEO and President Kim Jong-gap of Siemens Korea expressed his pleasure for the success of FPC first cycle of project aimed at laying ground work for fair and clean corporate climate. Mr. Kim said that Siemens will give full support to FPC to fight corruption in corporate governance.

François VINCKE, Vice-Chairman of the ICC shared risks of corruption, rewards of transparent ethics and the need for self-regulation in his special lecture. Mr. VINCKE stated that FPC anti-corruption project in Korea is very timely as we see companies’ self-regulation is increasingly gaining attention. Mr. VINCKE said he hopes that this project will build a solid foundation for anti-corruption through collective action.

IM Hong Jae, Secretary-General of Global Compact Network Korea said that he hopes more companies run business upon the law and ethical rules and more interest from government, business, civil society and the media to FPC project, a platform for communication and cooperation to promote fair and clean corporate governance.

FPC is planned to invite companies across the country in support of seven local governments and the Chamber of Commerce & Industries next year and bring foreign embassies in Korea and the Chamber of Commerce & Industries to raise awareness on anti-corruption and ethical business. We look forward to your continued interest and participation.


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