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[Date : 2017-08-17 14:41:45 ]   
Forum Event - The Embassy of Sweden in Seoul and the British Embassy Seoul

Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum (GCEF) organized the Fair Player Club Seminar for Compliance and Business Ethics with the Embassy of Sweden in Seoul at Millennium Seoul Hilton on 21 June, 2017, and the Fair Player Club Seminar for Compliance and Business Ethics with the British Embassy Seoul at Aston Hall of the British Embassy Seoul on 22 June, 2017.

Fair Player Club aimed to build the public-private sector platform to promote collective action for anti-corruption. The year of 2017 marks its third year. Fair Player Club is hosted by the Global Compact Network Korea (GCNK), organized by Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum (GCEF), and supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission (ACRC), and Siemens Integrity Initiative.

In 2017 (Cycle 3), the last year of the Fair Player Club project, Fair Player Club collaborates with foreign embassies and foreign chambers of commerce & industry of Sweden, UK, US, France, Germany, Indonesia, and Vietnam, share anti-corruption laws, guidelines, and best practices, and raise awareness of compliance and business ethics by mobilizing companies from various countries and the South Korean companies in overseas.


As a beginning, the Fair Player Club Seminar with Sweden, famous for a transparent country, was held at Millennium Seoul Hilton on 21 June, 2017. This seminar was attended by H.E. Anne Höglund, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Korea, Suk-bum Park, Secretary-General of GCNK, and Linda Backteman, Councilor of Embassy of Sweden in Seoul. Also, GCNK, Ericsson, Volvo Construction Equipment, and GCEF shared Swedish anti-corruption laws and best practices on corporate responses and their implications.

On the next day, the Fair Player Club Seminar with UK, renowned to implement the most powerful anti-corruption law in the world, was held at Aston Hall of the British Embassy Seoul on 22 June, 2017. This seminar was attended by H.E. Charles Hay, British Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Sean Blakeley, CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Suk-bum Park, Secretary-General of GCNK, Thomas Walsh, Lawyer of Clifford Chance, and Peter van Veen, Programme Director of Transparency International – UK. Also, EY Korea, Siemens Ltd. Seoul, GCEF, and GCNK shared characteristics of the UK anti-corruption law and its implications for corporate corruption risk response and transparency enhancement.

H.E. Anne Höglund, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Korea, emphasized the efforts of the Swedish government by emphasizing, "Fighting bribery and corruption is an issue of global concern and requires strong international cooperation. Sweden is currently enhancing the work against corruption within the public sector, but also in other policy areas. The Swedish Government has a very ambitious policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has launched a National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights to better support Swedish companies' CSR efforts.”

H.E. Charles Hay, British Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, expressed his willingness to actively cooperate by stating, “We wish the Fair Player Club every success in their important work to strengthen transparency and combat corruption. We think this is an important endeavour, working to create a more transparent and attractive business environment. The UK has experience of developing and implementing the UK Bribery Act and we are always ready to work with Korea to strengthen our collective efforts in this area.”

Sean Blakeley, CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in Korea, mentioned importance of the event, “With the recent introduction of the Kim Young-Ran Anti-Graft Law, fighting corruption has become a major priority for the business community in Korea. I strongly believe that the Korean business community can benefit from the experience of the UK, given its long-standing anti-corruption regime and strong adherence of its companies to the rule of law. I am glad to see that the Fair Player Club Seminar for Compliance and Business Ethics is acting as a cornerstone for stronger UK-Korea business relations, bringing together business leaders and stakeholders to raise awareness of anti-corruption issues and to share best practices. The BCCK is privileged to be part of this important seminar.”

Suk-bum Park, Secretary-General of GCNK, emphasized, “As anti-corruption standards are strengthened globally and social expectation for business ethics is increasing, the anti-corruption policies of foreign companies entering into South Korea and South Korean companies going to overseas are directly related to the success of the companies for their localization. Fair Player Club will continue its endeavor to enhance awareness and opportunity for strengthening compliance and business ethics and create a clean and fair business environment.”

Angela Joo-Hyun Kang, Founder and Executive President of GCEF, emphasized significance of the seminar, “Going beyond the prisoner's dilemma, Collective Action is one of the latest global trends that major players in market competition, companies in different sectors and even competitors in the same sector, could cooperate for promoting anti-corruption. I hope collective action of South Korean companies and foreign-invested companies in South Korea can improve the investment environment of South Korea and anti-corruption environment in overseas”.

Fair Player Club is one of the 24 global anti-corruption projects which aim to spur collective action in business and government to create fair and transparent market conditions with the support from the World Bank and Siemens Integrity Initiative. Fair Player Club was introduced as one of the good cases of collective action in the policy recommendation paper of the B20 Germany 2017 Responsible Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption Cross-Thematic Group.

Fair Player Club has supported empowerment of compliance and business ethics capabilities of various industries by collaborating with Korea Railway Association (KORASS), Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI), Korea Electronics Association (KEA), Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA), International Contractors Association of Korea (ICAK), Korea Medical Industry Association (KMDIA), and Korea In-house Counsel Association (KICA) in the Cycle 1 (Industry) of 2015. Also, Fair Player Club has disseminated importance of anti-corruption, compliance, and business ethics to major cities by cooperating with Seoul Metropolitan Government, Busan Metropolitan City, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Daegue Metropolitan City, Ulsan Metropolitan City, Daejeon Metropolitan City, Incheon Metropolitan City, and local chambers of commerce & industry in the Cycle 2 (Region) of 2016.

So far, 125 public, private companies, and public institutions have pledged for 'Fair Play' by reinforcing fair and transparent business management. Companies and organizations wishing to participate in Collective Action can join Fair Player Club and Fair Play Pledge at all times.

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